Corsair Lapdog Game Control Center Review


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Using the Corsair Lapdog

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with the Lapdog, since using something like this was a completely new experience for me. With the keyboard and Corsair mouse I used, it’s a heavy beast: my bathroom scale reads just north of 8 pounds. However, the contoured foam leg pad works very well and the weight wasn’t a problem for even extended gaming sessions. There’s no software to install or settings to configure since you’re just using your standard keyboard and mouse as you normally would, albeit with a really long cable.

I did run into one small, but annoying, issue: the edges of the mouse pad area are quite sharp, and with the mouse plugged into one of the two side USB 3.0 ports, its fabric-sleeved cable would snag slightly on these edges during gameplay. This resulted in in some jerkiness while I was trying to nail demons in DOOM 2016. I think Corsair could have addressed this issue either by using a vertical cable support as seen for some desk mice, or perhaps just rounding the top and right edges of the mouse pad a bit.

In the last section I’ll present my final thoughts and conclusion.


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