Corsair Lapdog Game Control Center Review


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Installing a Keyboard

While Corsair sells Lapdog configurations with included keyboards, our review unit was “bare”. The Lapdog accommodates Corsair K65 and K70-series keyboards; the fit is very precise and it’s unlikely other vendor’s keyboards would fit well enough to work. To install a keyboard you’ll need to remove a number of small hex-head screws, and Corsair includes a small hex driver in a recess on the side of the foam lap pad that mates with the bottom of the shell.

Once you remove the top cover, side cover, and mouse pad, you’re left with this open space. At the upper right of the enclosure is the USB 3.0 hub.

My Corsair K70 LUX RGB keyboard, which I reviewed here, fits perfectly, although the thick dual cables were a tight squeeze. Since the K70 LUX RGB has a ten-key pad, the center portion of the case won’t be re-attached.

Corsair’s instructions show a keyboard and mouse plugged into the two internal USB 3.0 ports, but if your K65/K70 keyboard is backlit, it’ll have two USB cables as mine did, and you’ll have to plug your mouse in externally. In addition to the two internal and two external USB 3.0 ports, the hub has this odd multipin connector. Corsair won’t say what it’s for.

Once everything’s screwed back together, the keyboard is held firmly in place. It looks pretty sleek…but how well does it work?

Give me a moment while I drag my large and heavy gaming PC into the next room…


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