Corsair Lapdog Game Control Center Review


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Closer Look: Lapdog Game Control Center

Think of the Corsair Lapdog Game Control Center as a “case” for your keyboard and mouse. As with a computer case, the Lapdog encloses and provides power for the parts that will comprise the final product: in this case, a “Game Control Center.” It’s a rather large metal and plastic shell designed specifically for a Corsair K65 or K70-series keyboard, and a mouse of your choice.

At 29″ wide, 10.5″ deep, and almost 4″ high, it’s a large thing to plop in your lap. It exudes quality, though: in the image below, all the top surfaces other than the mouse pad area are brushed aluminum. Plastic would have worked just as well, and been cheaper, but this is Corsair…

The Lapdog actually has two main parts: the keyboard enclosure/mouse pad/USB hub part shown above, and a thick, heavy, contoured memory foam pad. The keyboard enclosure sits on top of the foam pad, which in turn rests in your lap.

The enclosure and foam pad attach to each other magnetically, with six small magnets on the bottom of the enclosure.

Corsair includes a small power supply and special cable to connect the Lapdog to your PC. The cable is a combination USB 3.0/power cable and is over 15 feet long. If you’re connecting the lapdog to a USB 3.0 port, and not using power-hungry components like backlit keyboards, mice, headsets, phone charging, etc. you can do without connecting the power supply. If you’re using lots of devices or connecting to a USB 2.0 port, you should use the power supply. The small supply is rated at only 0.5A at 12V, so I’m skeptical of Corsair’s claim that the lapdog supports “fast charging” of phones and tablets, although I suppose they could pull extra power from a USB 3.0 port (if you’re plugged into one), since these ports can supply up to 900mA.

The rear of the Lapdog has USB 3.0 and power connectors for the custom cable…

…and there are two additional USB 3.0 ports on the side.

Join me in the next section as I assemble and try out this device.


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