BitFenix Shogun E-ATX Case Review


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BitFenix Shogun Detailed Features

With the tempered glass side panel removed, we can see the internal layout of the Shogun. There is a lot of work room and a few HDD cages for multiple hard drive configurations. The HDD cages and the GPU Safe graphics card support brackets are adjustable. There is also a large bracket over the power supply chamber for installing two SSD’s.

There are three Velcro straps included for cable management. A few cable tie-down points are placed around the motherboard tray to route other cables. Below the CPU cutout are two more 2.5″ SSD mounting brackets and are easily removable via thumbscrews. Above the CPU cutout is the built-in LED controller.

With the Quick Custom E-ATX Shield installed, you may install an E-ATX motherboard. It has three cable management cutouts for routing cables to the back of the motherboard. Of course, you would have to remove the HDD cages and the GPU support brackets to install the shield.

Taking off the front panel, we can see the large surface area for installing a 240mm or 280mm radiator. Two 120mm fans are at the front with the option to install up to three 140mm fans. Unfortunately, there is no support for three 120mm fans and a 360mm radiator.

With the top panel removed, we can see the large surface area for cooling accessories. The top does support a 360mm and 280mm radiator along with three 120mm and two 140mm fans.

The Shogun comes with three GPU support brackets. They each have some foam to protect the graphics card from damage. When not in use, the brackets are easily removable via a few thumbscrews.

There is another HDD cage towards the bottom of the case, which can house two standard HDD’s or SSD’s. Beside it is a 2.5″ bracket for an additional SSD. Suppose you are building with an E-ATX motherboard, the E-ATX bracket will knock out the two upper HDD cages and the three GPU support brackets. With the bottom HDD cage and dedicated SSD slot, you will still have some room for your storage devices.

The bracket over the power supply acts as a hybrid power supply housing. These Chroma modules can mount two SSD’s with the addition of having RGB lighting. The lights are positioned so the beams reflect off the SSD allowing you to show off your storage device. The entire bracket is removable from the case thanks to BitFenix’s Quick Custom Design.

Before we continue to the system build, let’s take a look at the Alchemy 2.0 RGB LED strips in the next section.


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