SilverStone Redline RL06 PRO ATX Mid-Tower Review

SilverStone Redline RL06 PRO ATX Mid-Tower Review

Picking up the right parts for a brand new system configuration may not be the easiest thing nowadays due to the huge amount of available options in the market but it’s certainly a lot better compared to having limited ones. It’s been a while since i’ve put together a new system for someone other than myself but it happened twice inside 2017 already and i actually couldn’t pick the right components as easily as i did a couple of years ago. Building our own systems is not as hard since i always know which components i need for the job but even so when i build our Intel Core i7-6700 rig i couldn’t make up my mind about which case to use so i imagine that’s equally hard for some of you. SilverStone has released quite a few interesting PC cases over the years but very few aimed at consumers on a tight budget and with their brand new Redline RL06 PRO Mid-Tower they want to change that… at NikKTech

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