Alphacool Eiswand CPU Water Cooler Announced

Alphacool Eiswand CPU Water Cooler Announced

Next Level “ALL-IN-ONE” Cooling Solution!

Alphacool presents the Eiswand (“Ice Wall”), a water cooling set for your CPU that can also be expanded on through its two quick-release connectors. For example, you could add one of the prefilled graphics card coolers in the Eiswolf GPX-Pro series, which would even add an extra pump to your system. You can find a fitting graphics card cooler using the configurator at http://www.hwconfig.com.

Alphacool Eiswand CPU Water Cooler Announced

The Eiswand itself has two DC-LT low noise pumps built into its illuminated bottom. Even in the unlikely case that one of the two pumps fails, the cooling loop will continue to operate with only a marginal decrease in cooling performance. This means the Eiswand offers you enormous system stability.

The core component of the Eiswand is the 360mm full-copper radiator, which is equipped with six Eiswind fans. The fans’ Push&Pull configuration gives you optimal cooling power. You can also use a Silent Adapter to severely restrict the pumps and fans, lowering the volume even more. Cooling power is only slightly reduced with the adapter.

The external radiator’s case is made entirely out of aluminium, emphasizing its elegant appearance. The set includes a 4m-long black hose, as well as 2L of coolant for filling the system, connectors, anti-kink springs, and various other parts such as a corresponding external power supply to power the system. The Eiswand is a complete system that comes with all the parts you need for cooling your CPU.


1x 360mm XT45 full-copper radiator
6x Eiswind fans 1100/700 RPM
1x XP3 CPU cooler
1x external power supply
1x 4-pin molex extension
4x Anti-kink springs
4x straight connectors
1x Silent Adapter 7.5V
2x Quick-release connectors
2x 1L Celvin Catcher coolant

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