AZIO MK Retro Mechanical Keyboard Review


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AZIO MK Retro Details

One of the great features about the MK Retro is that it is completely driver-free; all of the function-hotkeys work natively with no fuss. The most prominent feature being the implementation of “Clicky Tactical”  Blue mechanical switches (instead of the commonly used Cherry MX types). The slight differences between the switches is that the Blue series uses a different metal element in the cross-point contacts; however, this does not affect performance as much as it does the tactile feel and sound.


The Blue switch, even though labeled as the “clicky” type switch, actually feels more like a tactile switch due to a stiffer metal leaf mechanism. After passing the actuation point it seems more natural to release; thus, eliminating problems with keys bottoming out. The extremely pronounced actuation point provides overall less use of force on keystroke follow-through.

Switch Type Force Curve Actuation Force
Blue Clicky 50 gf
Brown Tactile 45 gf
Red Linear 50 gf
Black Linear 60 gf



The “click” sound is still present, yet doesn’t seem as distracting as the Cherry MX Brown (tactical or “bump” switches) or the accidental bottoming out of the Cherry MX Reds (linear).


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