AZIO MK Retro Mechanical Keyboard Review


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AZIO MK Retro: A Closer Look

AZIO has always used no-frills yet attractive and protective packing with all of their products, this one being no exception to the rule. How one manages to make a cardboard matte-finish box look so elegant is almost a type of magic in itself. The keyboard has two protective layers over the top: a plastic film covering the shiny black surface, and another harder plastic-shell covering the keys (hence the slight color tinge in photo).

The trim of the entire board is done in chrome-like edging, matching and complimenting every key; a truly eye-catching experience. The bottom of the MK Retro possesses massive pillar feet, that unscrews “one click” (about a 110 degree turn) to raise and lower for the preferred typing angle.

The keys themselves is what this board is all about, the attention to detail involving the smooth edging on each key along with a slight textured matte-surface on top provides a high-quality tactile feel. LED soft-white dome lights glow evenly and are not overpowering or glaring in the least, completing the look nicely.

It is important to emphasize at this juncture that this keyboard is more for the minimalist typist. Note that there is no back lighting on the keys (most typists have no need to type in a dimly lit room like game enthusiasts tend too).


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