Thinksound On2 Supra-Aural Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Thinksound On2 Supra-Aural Studio Monitor Headphones Review

I really can’t even begin to count the number of times when i wanted to listen to my favorite music or watch a movie and the headset i used was mediocre at best in terms of audio quality. Because of this I’m always on the lookout for really good headsets since i like having one both at the office/lab and at home. Of course in the market today one can find good headsets for as low as USD100 and great headsets for as high as USD4000 (yes you read correctly, 4 grand). Not all however can or are willing to go as high as even USD1000 for a great pair of headphones and after talking to several people in many online forums (and quite a few up close) we concluded that the sweet spot considered by most demanding consumers is set at around USD200-300. Thinksound has been one of our favorite manufacturers of headphones and earphones for many years and just recently they released their On2 Supra-aural studio monitor headphones with passive noise isolation which we couldn’t wait to get our hands on… at NikKTech

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