Azio Armato Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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Using the Azio Armato

When you first power up the Azio Armato, lights ripple out from the center of the keyboard to its edges in a circular pattern, filling out the backlit keys in a few seconds. It’s a clever animation as well as being the most elaborate thing this keyboard can do with its lights. Unlike other high end gaming keyboards, the Azio Armato has no separate utility or configuration software. Everything you can do with the keyboard is done on the keyboard, which includes setting the lighting mode and recording and playing back macros. Of necessity this means that lighting and macro capabilities are very simple and don’t approach the level of control and sophistication you can get with other keyboards; on the other hand, the capabilities provided will easily cover 90% of what most users want to do.

To control lighting effects, you use the Fn key in combination with the secondary functions on the horizontal function key row. For example, the F9 through F12 keys set breathing mode (the keyboard lighting pulses slowly on and off), reactive mode (keys light up when pressed, then slowly fade), custom mode (which lets you specify backlighting only for certain keys, such as the “WASD” cluser), and turning the lighting on and off, respectively.

You can set four levels of backlight intensity (off, plus three brightness levels) as well.

Recording macros is very simple: first, press the large REC button:

…and then press any of the macro keys A1 through A5. At this point all four indicator LEDs will start flashing. Press up to 31 keys in sequence, then press the REC key again to stop recording. Macros can record any key on the keyboard, including the arrow keys, but cannot contain other macros. Pressing the newly defined macro key will play back the keystrokes you entered at a fixed rate similar to that of a fast typist.

In the last section I’ll give you my final thoughts and conclusion for this keyboard.


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