Azio Armato Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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Azio Armato Overview

The Armato is a large keyboard, without the thin-bezel design that’s become popular of late. The entire top plate is brushed, anodized aluminum, with red mesh aluminum accents. Five macro keys are placed vertically at the left side of the keyboard, and a massive aluminum volume control knob protrudes from the upper right side of the keyboard, next to four dedicated (but not backlit) media control keys.

The back of the keyboard contains only the product label and fold-out feet.

As I first looked at the keyboard after removing it from its box, it seemed to have some sort of internal lighting, which was odd since the keyboard was not connected to anything. What I was seeing was the polished, chamfered edges of the holes in the top plate, which catch and reflect ambient room light. It’s a nice touch I haven’t seen before.

From a normal viewing distance, the polished metal chamfers give the appearance of white accent LEDs:

For the Armato, Azio uses genuine Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches, with a red backlight. In this photo you can also see the red back plate, which provides a consistent, low-level red glow around the keys when the backlighting is on.

Since the backlighting LEDs are located at the top of the key switch, Azio has positioned the shifted symbols on keys that have them below the primary symbols, giving lighting “preference” to the unshifted symbols as shown below.

Accessories include a manual, warranty booklet, and key cap puller (although Azio does not provide any extra key caps with this unit, it’s still a nice touch). Unlike the manuals provided with most other keyboards, which consist of little except instructions to plug the keyboard into a USB port and download the support software from the vendor’s web site, you’re going to want to keep this manual around.

Let’s continue our examination of this keyboard in the next section.


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