Phanteks Eclipse P400S Tempered Glass Case Review


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Eclipse P400S Tempered Glass SE Case Overview

The P400S Tempered currently sells online for $89.99 (Amazon Newegg). In the accessories box, the P400S Tempered comes with an installation guide, warranty information, a few zip ties, an RGB LED strip, and mounting screws for standard power supplies and storage devices. It also comes with two magnetic ventilation dust filters.

At the front of the case, we have just a smooth, clean finish with a Phanteks branding logo at the very bottom of the case. Dust filtered ventilation holes are present at the top and bottom part of the front panel for airflow.

The P400S Tempered comes with a 120mm exhaust fan at the rear of the case. The fan can be mounted further towards the top thanks to the adjustable fan mounts. Unfortunately, the case does not support a 140mm fan at the rear of the case. The power supply mounts at the very bottom and is protected by a dust filter from underneath the case.

The main side panel includes a reflective tempered glass window to show off the internal components of the system. Finger prints and dust will show on the surface of the window but can be easily cleaned off with a microfiber cloth.

The top of the case features two top ventilation covers to prevent dust from entering the system. They also keep the system running silent due to the sound dampening materials underneath them. The front I/O ports and the power button are located towards the top front of the case. The reset, LED control, and fan speed control buttons are located underneath the top panel towards the front panel ventilation gap.

The P400S Tempered stands about an inch off the ground due to the four rubber coated feet. This ensures a firm grip on a smooth surface. The power supply unit is also filtered with an easy to remove dust filter.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Bottom

Now that we have seen a quick overview of the Eclipse P400S Tempered, let’s take a look at the features this case has to offer.


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