SoundPEATS Q11 Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

SoundPEATS Q11 Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

Whenever i either get on my treadmill to run a few miles (unfortunately not so often nowadays) or when I’m on foot going someplace there’s but one device that always complements my smartphone a good pair of wireless earphones/headphones. As expected i almost always pick a pair that features ear hooks and thus is not going to fall easily (there are some however that are quite secure even without ear hooks) and to date all the people i know who go running, hiking or even lifting weights at the gym do the same exact thing (i even know some women who are into yoga and pole dancing who use such earphones). Now there are many Bluetooth earphones in the market that feature ear hooks but not nearly enough that combine good build quality with acceptable build quality and crisp/accurate audio. SoundPEATS may not be one of the well-known and established manufacturers but they have a good number of earphones, headsets and speakers in the market so since i was curious to see how their products performed today I’ll be testing their Q11 Sport Bluetooth Headphones… at NikKTech

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