Phanteks Enthoo Elite PC Case Released

Phanteks Enthoo Elite PC Case Released

Phanteks has shown that it has once again redefined the chassis design with the release of the new Enthoo Elite. A
premium production case built on a framework that has been continuously refined since the very beginning.

Phanteks Enthoo Elite PC Case Released

Flexibility & Smart Space Utilization

Every space in the Enthoo Elite is efficiently designed with multiple functions to make sure no space will go wasted, while offering maximum flexibility. Many different configurations can be formed depending on personal system preferences.

Extreme Water-cooling & Functional Brackets

With extreme cooling possibilities, the Enthoo Elite assures to keep the most highend gaming system running cool. The incorporated functional radiator brackets makes building a complex water-cooling system so much easier.

Clean & Hidden

The Enthoo Elite features a unique PSU location, hidden from sight, that contributes to improved cooling performance. The aluminium interior panels mask the power cables and enhance the clean interior design.

Premium Materials

The Enthoo Elite is made of beautiful materials engineered with utmost care and attention to detail. Featuring a 4mm sand-blasted aluminum exterior and tool-less 4mm tempered glass window.

All Accessories Included

The Enthoo Elite comes with a rich number of modular accessories such as “silent panels”, a “Vertically mounted GPU bracket” and a “Side mounted radiator bracket”.

“At Phanteks, we believe meaningful design is where form meets function. We find it important that the way we design our products make sense to our end users and to us. During the development we wanted to make sure that this was going to be the best case we have ever built.” says, Boon Tuoh Khor, Phanteks’ Lead Product Designer.

Technical Specifications

For more detailed data and specifications information, please visit our website WWW.PHANTEKS.COM.

Pricing and Availability

Available at most local retailers in February 2017
The recommended retail price (Vat Included) PH-ES916E_BK/AG $899.99


5 Years Limited Warranty

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