Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse Review


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Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse Software

The Corsair Scimitar Pro integrates with Corsair’s already widely used configuration software called the “Corsair Utility Engine” or CUE.  The CUE software helps you fully customize the feel of your mouse, even down to changing the X and Y axis DPIs independently of each other if so desired.


The actions section of the CUE software is where you program your macros and customize your buttons. Macros can be set to record delays, keyboard events, mouse clicks, mouse wheel scroll, and of course, mouse movement.


The lighting effects section of the CUE software is where you adjust the lighting effects of the mouse. It comes preloaded with one default pattern, the rainbow pattern.


The DPI menu allows you to fine tune your DPI presets with 6 different levels of adjustment. The six different levels are color coded and can be turned on and off with a simple click of the switch to the left of each preset. This area is also where you can adjust the X and Y DPI independently of each other.


The performance section of the CUE software is where you can enable angle snapping, adjust the lift height, adjust the pointer speed, and enable pointer precision.


The final section is the surface calibration area. By grabbing the small yellow corsair logo in the center of the on screen mousepad and dragging it in a quick circular motion, also while maintaining the speed indicator in the green zone, you can calibrate the mouse precisely to your surface/material of choice.


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