Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Mouse Review


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Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB: Software

Taking a look at the Hera software, we can see it has a nice graphical user interface with plenty of options to go through. Like the Corsair Utility Engine and the Razer Synapse software, Hera can manage multiple gaming peripherals simultaneously. In the Key Assignment tab, we can assign different mouse and keyboard functions to any button. Five separate profiles allow us to store multiple key assignments and lighting effects within the mouse.

In the Macro Management tab, we can create, record, and delete macros if we want. The Hera software does allow importing and duplicating macro settings for your convenience.

Mouse control lets you adjust cursor speed, scroll speed, double click speed, DPI sensitivity, and polling rate. Surprisingly, there is not an adjustment for lift-off distance. In terms of DPI, there are six customizable DPI levels to choose from. The DPI range is from 400 to 12800 (not 12000, oddly) and can be adjusted in steps of 200.

The fun begins with the lighting effects in the Mouse Luminance tab. Aside from selecting a single color, there are a few lighting effects to choose from. Each lighting effect will have its own brightness, speed, and directional settings. Unfortunately, the rear logo cannot be customized as it is the LED indicator for the current DPI level.

Sound and Timer allows you to assign a certain sound to a button. A few pre-recorded sound effects are available to choose from, but you may record or import your own sounds as well. The timer function can delay a sound to remind you to do something later. This feature can also be useful when changing profiles, DPI levels, or recording macros.

You can also record your own sounds and save them to the software. The sounds will only work when the Hera software is running.

The Timer Setting tab allows you to create and modify reminders. You can create timers by dialing in the amount of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Choose an alarm from a list of five presets, and type in something to remind you what alarm it is once it comes on. For example, you can type in “Remove pizza from oven” so you do not accidentally burn your lunch while gaming. You can also choose a font size and the position of the text on the screen.

In the next section, we will take a look at how the Zeus P1 performs.


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