MyDigitalSSD BOOST 1TB External SSD Review


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PCMark Vantage HDD Tests

PCMark Vantage is an objective hardware performance benchmark tool for PCs running 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7. PCMark Vantage is well suited for benchmarking any type of Microsoft Windows 7 PC: from multimedia home entertainment systems and laptops, to dedicated workstations and high-end gaming rigs. Benchmark Reviews has decided to use the HDD Test Suite to demonstrate simulated real-world storage drive performance in this article.

PCMark Vantage runs eight different storage benchmarks, each with a specific purpose. Once testing is complete, results are given a PCMark score while and detailed results indicate actual transaction speeds. Again, I’m including the results for both the MyDigitalDiscount BOOST (at 5Gb/s) and the Samsung T3. As you can see the individual results are very close, with less than a 5% difference in all cases. However, the BOOST’s 10Gb/s results are quite different.

MyDigitalDiscount BOOST 1TB Vantage Detailed Results (5Gb/s)

MyDigitalDiscount BOOST 1TB Vantage Detailed Results (10Gb/s)

It’s interesting to compared the BOOST’s performance at 5 and 10Gb/s. The WIndows Defender, Gaming, and photo import scores are much higher. Windows Vista startup, Movie Maker, and Media Player are a bit slower; but application loading drops dramatically from 244MB/s to a mere 93MB/s, which is enough to drop the overall score as compared to the 5Gb/s score.


500GB Samsung Portable SSD T3 PCMark VantageResults

Here we see again that connecting to the faster USB port actually results in a notable poorer score than when the drive is connected to a standard USB 3 port.

In the next section, I’ll present my final thoughts and conclusion.


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