MyDigitalSSD BOOST 1TB External SSD Review


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Closer Look: MyDigitalSSD BOOST 1TB

The MyDigitalSSD BOOST 1TB comes packaged as a svelte red aluminum box, with a silk-screened legend on the front being the only label or lettering of any kind.

The case is plain, although details like the nicely chamfered edges do lend an air of quality:

Although the BOOST is smaller than most 2.5″ external hard drives, it’s still much larger than the tiny Samsung T3 external SSD.

The rear of the case sports a USB-C Micro B connector, and two holes that show white activity LEDs when the drive is being accessed. Although there are two activity lights, they blink in sync and don’t appear to indicate separate operations.

There is no documentation or utility software, but there are two USB cables: a standard USB 3 Type A cable, as well as a USB 3 Type C cable for those of you with recent Macbooks or HP Spectres. According to MyDigitalDiscount, the drive supports the full 10Gb/s throughput of the USB C 3.1 specification. This gives this drive an advantage– on paper, anyway– over Samsung’s T3 drive, which is limited to 5Gb/s.

Opening the drive reveals the two Samsung P851 mSATA 512GB SSDs.

The ASMedia 1352R controller is specifically designed to connect two mSATA SSDs in RAID 0, and handle data transfer through a USB 3.1 Superspeed+ port. If you’re wondering why mSATA SSDs are used instead of PCI-E SSDs, well, not only would two PCI-E SSDs be more expensive, but they’d overwhelm the 10Gb/s capacity of the USB connection.

So far, the hardware looks pretty impressive. Let’s see how it performs in the next section.


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