Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5T Review


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MasterCase Maker 5T Details Continued

I’m going to point out some of the finer details below and explain some features that I alluded to in the previous pages.


Here are the PSU and front fan dust filters. They have fine mesh with good air flow and should help keep out large particles of dust, hair, and fur (if you have pets).


This is a close up shot of the GPU brackets. These brackets can be adjusted with the thumbscrews and glide up and down the rail to help support heavy graphics cards. The rail can be moved forward or back by loosening the top and bottom thumb screws, and even be reversed to make room for larger GPUs.

In fact, I had to do this to make room for the EVGA GTX 980Ti Classified Edition GPU to get it installed. The stock configuration had the rail just enough in the way to where it wouldn’t seat fully into the PCI-E socket.

Clearance for GPUs is as follows: 296mm / 11.7″ (with 3.5″ HDD cage) 412mm / 16.22″ (w/o 3.5″ HDD cage). This is plenty of space for even the largest GPUs on the market.


I removed the handle so you could get a look at it up close. Underneath the vents you can see the mesh grill to allow air to flow unimpeded through the top of the chassis.


Close up of the HDD drive bays. You can mount either 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives in either of these two bays. Mounting 3.5″ drives is tool less. They simply attach to the pegs along the inside of the HDD tray and snap in place. 2.5″ SSD drives require 4 screws to mount them.

If you so desire, you can easily remove this bay by unscrewing the two thumb screws. This will allow you to mount a water pump or reservoir for custom water loops.

cooler-master-mastercase-maker-5t-led-and-fan-controller cooler-master-mastercase-maker-5t-led-and-fan-controller-cover

Here is a close up of the included LED/fan controller. You can hook up 4 LED bars (one included), and up to 6 fans. They are controlled by the front IO panel on the case. Power is provided via a SATA power connector.

The included cover for the LED/fan controller simply snaps around the edge of the PCB. You can purchase more LED bars to lighten your case even more. The LED bars are solid and have a magnetic backing, making them easy to place in various places inside the chassis. Currently, I think the only available color is red.


The PSU sled is long and has felt padding to dampen vibration and protect your PSU from getting scratches while installing it. You have 200mm (7.87″) of clearance, which should be enough room for most PSUs.


These are the SSD mounting trays. You simply remove the thumbscrew and pull the back end out of the tab slots on the rear of the mounting tray. The SSDs mount upside down with this configuration. That can make SATA cable choice for your SSD’s important since 90 degree SATA cables would end up pointing up toward the top instead of down toward the PSU. This was a bit disappointing. Cooler Master could of easily made the trays so you could mount them from the side, but the trays don’t have mounting points to do so.


Lastly, we have the top fan mounting bracket. I like the slotted grooves. This gives you a bit of wiggle room when mounting your fans or radiator. Again, this bracket can accommodate two 120mm/140mm fans, and 240mm/280mm radiators.

Ok, we can finally move on to the build in this beast of a case!


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