Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5T Review


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MasterCase Maker 5T Detailed Features

There is a lot to cover in the break down of all the details and features of the Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5T.


It might seem silly to some, but I wanted to show the inside of the tool box. The keys for the windows are a must, and having this box to keep them safely stored is a good idea. Included in the box is all the mounting hardware in the plastic bag. Each set of screws is indiviually labeled and seperated from the rest of the screws. This was very handy when building since I was able to quickly identify the screws needed for the job at hand.

You also get some zip ties and a couple adhesive back tie downs just in case you need a couple more tie down points.


This is the only means of keeping the tempered glass panels attached to the Maker 5t. I think some black thumb screws might of looked more appealing then a key lock, but it is certainly quick and easy to open and shut the panels.


With a close up of the front panel IO we can see the controls for the LED lighting, fan speed, mic, headphone, power, and reset buttons. You also get 4 USB 3.0 ports. If you are thinking about getting this case, I suggest a motherboard that supports dual USB 3.0 on board.

The Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5, has 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 connections for comparison.


Without the tempered glass panels on we can finally peer inside the Maker 5t. You’ll instantly notice the metallic red paint adorning the inside of this chassis. You can see a very generous CPU cut-out making it easy to swap CPU coolers without the need to take the motherboard out of the case.

Also, you can see 2 HDD cages in the bottom of the case. They also support mounting of 2.5″ SSD’s as well. On top of the PSU enclosure, there is 2 SSD mounting brackets. There is also plenty of grommet cut-outs from cable management.

You might notice a lack of an HDD drive bay in the middle of the case. For some reason Cooler Master opted to remove it from the Maker 5t. The MasterCase Maker 5, however, does include the extra drive bay.

The Maker 5t is compatible with ATX, mini-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards.

At the top you have two 5.25″ mounting bays for optical drives, fan hubs, or perhaps a multi-media card reader.


On the back side of the case you have ample room for cable management. The included indent in the front of the grommets helps keep cables from stacking up and has three velcro straps to help tame the ensuing mess that comes with installing a PC. Overall clearance from the back of the motherboard tray to the glass panel is 35mm (1.38in).

The pre-installed 140mm fans from the front and back of the case, as well as the LED lighting bar are already attached to the fan/LED controller. I’ll get more in depth with that later in the article.


With the front panel cover removed you can see the front dust filter and the two pre-installed 140mm fans. Removing the front panel is as easy as flipping the top portion away from the case, then sliding the bottom out to get to the dust filter for cleaning. The front panel cover also moves forward to allow optical disk drives enough room to operate without hindrance.

The front of the case supports two 140mm fans, or three 120mm fans, which also includes radiator support for 240 and 280mm radiators. To support three 120mm fans, the bottom 5.25″ bay has to be sacrificed to accommodate the third 120mm fan.


The front panel has sound dampening foam installed to help reduce noise. The open top and grill on the bottom of the panel allow good air flow to the fans and it actually does dampen the sound of the case quite a bit. The panel easily attaches and is held in place with a magnetic strip at the top of the panel and a simple plastic hinge at the bottom.


With the top panel removed you have access to the handle and top fan bracket. To get the top fan bracket out, you have to remove the handle. Then you can unscrew the four thumb screws to get the bracket out. This may seem like a bit of a pain, but once you have that bracket out, it makes mounting fans or a radiator a breeze.

The top bracket supports two 120mm or two 140mm fans and 240mm or 280mm radiators. The central mounting location of this bracket could make some radiators incompatible, so keep that in mind.


I took a picture of the top panel with the mesh cover off and installed. This is a nice feature. The mesh cover keeps the top of the PC clean from dust if you do not install any fans or radiators in the top of the case. The panel attaches to the top of the case with magnets, so it’s very easy to remove for cleaning the grill.


Here is a good overall picture showing off most of the cases features. Even with the side panels removed, the MasterCase Maker 5T is quite sturdy and doesn’t flex, making it quite nice to build in when moving the case around.

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