Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5T Review


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MasterCase Maker 5T Overview

This case is loaded with features. I’ll be going over the basics of the outer design. Then the detailed features further in the article.


First we’ll start with the accessories. Cooler Master has thoughtfully included a tin tool box for all the screws and keys for the tempered glass door panels. It also has a foam bottom on it so it won’t scratch anything you set it down on. This is a very nice touch. One that I’d like to see other case manufacturers do more often. Since a simple cardboard box filled with baggies of screws has always felt a bit cheap to me on a premium case.

Also included is the user manual, which explains how to remove some panels and other features of the MasterCase Maker 5T. They also give you a nice micro fiber cloth with the Cooler Master logo imprinted on it, for cleaning those shiny tempered glass panels.


Here is the sleek looking front panel with a shiny raised Cooler Master logo that greets your eyes when taking a look at the front of Maker 5t. The front panel has a glossy black finish and is about a 45 degree angle with the front and top panels cut precisely and painted with a metallic red trim, with matching angles to the front panel.

The back of the Maker 5t has a pre-installed 140mm fan, 7 expansion slots, with the bottom most one being a cable lock. Also, there is a detachable PSU bracket allowing you to attach your PSU to the bracket, then slide it in to the rear of the case.


On the top of the Maker 5t we have a carrying handle with rubberized grip. This handle supports up to 62.8 pounds according to Cooler Master. You’ll need every once of that carry weight. The case weighs about 30 pounds empty.

You’ll also notice there is a vented metallic red painted grill on top. This grill and handle can be removed with 3 screws to get to a top mounted fan bracket. I’ll discuss this in further detail in the following pages.

The bottom of the case features hollow raised feet, painted metallic red, and has a generous size PSU fan filter. Rubber strips adorn the feet, giving a solid grip on whatever surface you set this case on.



These shots of the tempered glass side panels just do not do this case justice. The MasterCase Maker 5T comes with not one, but two tempered glass panels. They are a good part of the reason why this case weighs so much when empty. The tempered glass is dark and it’s about an eighth of an inch thick. The panels are also interchangeable so you do not have to worry about which panel belongs to which side of the case.

They mount easily from hinges on the bottom of the case, and secured with a locking mechanism at the top of the case. These panels can be purchased separately for the other MasterCase series cases.

Moving on, I’m going to break things down and give a more in-depth look at the details inside the MasterCase Maker 5T.


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