Flip Phones in 2016: A Blast From the Past!

Flip Phones in 2016: A Blast From the Past!

If you thought you had seen the last of flip phones in early 2000s, you were wrong! The ever so cool and chic flip phones are very much back in style. Some people speculated that it was only a matter of time before this was going to happen, but other people are shocked at the flip phone’s sudden resurgence in popularity. But one thing is for sure, flip phones are back and they are as popular as ever with different groups of people who have different needs.

Kyocera DuraXE Flip Phone

The first instance of the return of flip phones comes to us in the same way as records have become trendy these days. Many people are simply still using the old models, some over a decade old. But why are people choosing to use these technologically outdated phones when there are so many newer and fancier smartphones, with more updated features? For some people, this is precisely the point! For those who live for the new updated versions of smartphones, this may seem weird. But as hard as this is to believe, there are a growing number of people who prefer a life where their smartphone does not dominate.

More and more people are wanting to go back to the days where we had the convenience of being able to call and text people on their mobile phones, but were not bogged down by email notifications and dozens of apps. The original technological features that come with a flip phone from circa 2000 means that you can live a simple life, and use your mobile phone for only the most basic of functions. For those who do not require the fancy features and apps, using an older model flip phone can be incredibly beneficial for them and their stress levels too.

LG B470 Flip Phone

However, for the tech-crazed out there, they may not want to go back to this simpler way. For some people it is imperative for them to be accessible through their emails or through video calling on apps such as Skype. For those people who need the latest updates in technology, but still like the original aesthetic of flip phones, there is now an option! Mobile phone companies such as Samsung, have been designing Android flip phones that encapsulate all the great features brought to you by new technology in the past decade, all while retaining the design and feel of those old flip phones. This means that you get the best of both worlds.

So if you see people walking around, talking on their flip phones, do not think that you have accidentally gone back a decade! Flip phones are very trendy now and those who are using them for simplicity love how uncomplicated their lives have become. For those buying new, more modernly stylized flip phones, they still get that fun aesthetic and a big of nostalgia from when they were younger, but still get to have all the benefits of a regular smart phone.

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