Roccat Suora FX Keyboard Review


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Roccat Swarm Gaming Software

The Roccat Swarm gaming software will allow you to manage all of your Roccat gaming peripherals in one software. In the Settings tab, you may create, edit, and delete custom profiles. You may also choose between four different types of sounds to play through your computer as you type on the keyboard. This only works when the Swarm software remains running in the background. There are options to adjust the repeat delay, repeat rate, and the cursor blink rate as well.


In the Key Assignment tab, you can assign different functions to every key except for the ones on the top row. You may assign shortcut, basic, multimedia, and macro functions by dragging and dropping a function to a selected key. The software does provide two ways of assigning new functions by having a keyboard view or a list view of the keys you want to reassign.


The Key Illumination tab manages the lighting effects on the Suora FX. In the preset mode, there are plenty of lighting effects to choose from, including breathing, fade FX, ripple FX, radar, and more. You may adjust the speed of the effect along with its brightness level and the direction of light travel. Other lighting effects will allow you to change colors and other settings as well.


If you want a custom lighting preset, just switch over to Custom Mode and this will allow you to customize the color of every key. Like other keyboard software, you can select multiple keys and light them at the same time or choose only a specific zone to light. The Swarm software makes it convenient since there are a few zones you can choose from without having to select them yourself.


Inside of the Macro Manager, you may record and edit macro functions in order to assign them to different keys. The Swarm software does have plenty of popular games to choose from where you can edit and reassign key functions in a specific game.


Let’s go ahead and test the Suora FX keyboard in the next section.


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