Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Gaming Headset Review

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Gaming Headset Review

Cooler Master has been working on a new series labeled MasterPulse. At the moment we have been shown four of them and there is an additional headset rumored to release at a future date. The MasterPulse series currently consists of an In-Ear version available in black or white and two Over-Ear headsets which vary in what they have to offer. Here is where our focus is today on the second of the series, The Master Pulse Pro. It features a great aluminum build with plentiful padding to keep you comfortable. The removal of a boom mic is also a unique take on what the rest of the market is putting out there. Lastly there is the Bass FX technology which gives you the ability to increase the treble and noise isolation by having the side panels on your headset, or remove them to have a stronger bass effect. Let’s take a look at what Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Over Ear headset is all about… at ThinkComputers

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