Roccat Skeltr Smart Keyboard Review


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Roccat Skeltr Overview

First let’s take a quick glance at what you receive with the Roccat Skeltr.


The Skeltr ships in fairly typical packaging. A sleeve protects the keyboard from scrapes and scuffs and the cardboard insert keeps the detached wrist rest and other accessories safe.


Benchmark Reviews received the white version for testing. The Skeltr is also available in black and grey.


A braided cord, quick start guide/manual/warranty information/stickers, the detachable wrist rest and two short cables (3.5mm audio and USB micro B) for connecting mobile devices are safely tucked away under the Skeltr.


Really, Roccat’s new keyboard makes a great impression overall. The white is a very matte finish, although the texture used practically guarantees fingerprints won’t be a problem on any of the colors. If the Kova mouse is any indication (the Skeltr seems to use the exact finish/coating that the Kova uses) it should resist fading/yellowing and dirt very well.


Attaching the wrist rest adds some support but increases the desktop real-estate used by the Skeltr by quite a bit. This is a keyboard that belongs on top of a desk though, not in a drawer – and with the mobile device integration, you’ll want to leave it in the open anyway.


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