HAVIT HV-KB378L RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review

HAVIT HV-KB378L RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review

With roughly 7 out of 10 of all the new keyboards introduced in the market featuring mechanical switches it’s no wonder that most gamers and professionals choose one of those over the classic/typical membrane based models. Mechanical switches however are not the only decisive factor when choosing the right keyboard for you, lately backlight LED illumination plays a large role and with RGB models becoming somewhat mainstream these have a significant head start compared to single color ones. Needless to say build quality (materials used) is also very important when out to get a new keyboard but luckily most mechanical keyboards currently available in the market score high in that regard. HAVIT may not be one of the most recognizable names in the industry but they’ve released several award winning products in the market (including the HV-KB366L mechanical keyboard which we reviewed earlier this year) and today we’re checking out their latest HV-KB378L RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard… at NikKTech

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