Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review


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Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Detailed Features

Below, I’ll show you all the details the MasterPulse Pro has to offer.

cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-bass-reflex cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-bass-caps

The MasterPulse Pro has a patented feature they call ‘Bass FX.’ The simplicity of this feature allows you to remove the plastic caps on the end of the ear cups for increased bass response and a more open air feel. With the caps on, the bass response is more subtle and tightly controlled. The caps are held in place with four magnets against the metal mesh grille.

cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-bass-sound-card cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-controller-clip cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-eq-switch


This series of images highlights the in-line controller of the MasterPulse Pro. This controller controls everything, and has a custom sound card built-in for all the audio processing to ease that burden from your PC.

The controls include, volume, mic mute, EQ, 7.1 surround, and LED control. The custom EQ profiles are color coded, with a 3+1 preset for music, movies,gaming and no EQ. Red is for bass boost music. Blue is a mid boost for movie listening. Purple is for gaming, which is more of a high frequency boost.

The controller is a bit big and comes with a handy clip to pin it to your shirt so it doesn’t get in the way. While the mic is hidden away in the left headphone. I kind of like that, no more boom mic to get in the way when you just want to listen to some music or movies and not disturb anyone else. I have more details about the mic later in this article.


cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-led The MasterPulse Pro lighting system is pretty standard. You can cycle between set colors or a breathing mode, which cycles through all 7 of the preset colors. The MasterPulse software is suppose to allow you to be able to customize your colors. At the time of writing this software was not available, but will ship with all retail units.

cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-side-closed cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-side-openHere is a side shot with the bass fx caps on and off for comparison. The bass really is affected with the caps removed. It becomes and open air driver and the bass frequency really does kick in. Put the caps back on and bass response lessens but becomes more balanced and tight.

cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-strap cm-masterpulse-pro-headset-top

I wanted to include a shot of the head strap and aluminum frame work. The headset is kept really light, yet sturdy with this design. The head strap flexes for a perfect fit and is comfortable for hours of use. I have fairly large ears and they fit inside the ear cups comfortably for a while. With extended use I did encounter some discomfort with my ears as they touched the foam covered plastic on the inside of the ear cup.


Connectivity is supplied through USB only. One thing I was disappointed with the MasterPulse Pro was the lack of a headset jack adapter, and I do not know if Cooler Master intends to release an adapter or not.


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