Archeer Foldable Solar Charger Review


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Closer Look: Archeer Solar Charger

The Archeer AR-SC-21 charger looks, on first viewing, like a clutch purse made of ballistic nylon. The rough black fabric (which may or may not be nylon) is screen-printed with the vendor and product name, and has four small rings for…something.


Accessories are minimal: a pamphlet and a short USB to micro-USB B cable. If your device doesn’t have a micro-USB B plug, you’ll need to supply your own cable.


Unfolded, the three solar panels are visible. They’re covered by a tough plastic membrane to prevent damage. At the far right is warning text noting that, you know, solar charging systems might not work that well in cloudy weather and indirect sunlight.


This is the Velcro-secured pouch that contains the two USB charging connectors. Between them is a red LED that lights when the charger is providing power…i.e. whenever it’s in any ambient light brighter than dim room light.


Let’s see how this charger works in the next section.


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    Would love to get my hands on this. Like to know if they (this company) are looking into more “powerful” solar panels for future iterations of this hardware. I did some studies years ago on nano solar panels on how a 1×1″ solar panel coated with nanotechnology is far superior to a solar panel that is ten times its size.

    Come on technology’s…!..!

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