In Win GreenMe 750W Power Supply Review

In Win GreenMe 750W Power Supply Review

We already reviewed the 650 W GreenMe unit with our old set-up and found it to perform decently. Today, we will put on our new test bench the strongest member of the GreenMe line with a capacity of 750 W, but this unit is only equipped with two PCIe connectors, while PSUs of its capacity should at least have four. We can’t find a reason for a 750 W PSU to only have two PCIe connectors since a single VGA with two sockets or two with one simply won’t use the power this unit can deliver. So, the GreenMe-750 starts the game significantly handicapped, which isn’t good. Its other characteristics include a non-modular design, Bronze efficiency, a white coloring scheme, and four +12V rails. This PSU competes in both the mainstream and the middle categories, and we will check the unit to see if it it worthy of its nearly $100 price tag, which puts it into a highly competitive market segment… at techPowerUp!

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