The Tech of Classic Gaming Machines

The Tech of Classic Gaming Machines

Games have been part of human existence for centuries. Entertainment and leisure are important for people of all cultures. While games may have started off as primitive in comparison to what we have now, they all serve the same purpose. The evolution of technology has completely revolutionized the possibilities for new and exciting games. While they are not popular in the contemporary sense, classic gaming machines hold a certain retro charm and symbolize the beginning of an era of interactive gaming that has subsequently informed some of the current trends in video and console games enjoyed by many.

Arcade games are the quintessential classic games one thinks about.  For those who grew up with an arcade in their neighborhood; it is probably the location of many great childhood memories. Even if you are a millennial and did not grow up in the age of arcade games, chances are that you still know some of the more popular ones such as Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Tetris. While you can now play those games on a video console, or computer –there is no replacement for the original arcade game. These games rely on integrated circuits, electronics, as well as Cathode Ray Tube screens. The graphics may seem shoddy to younger players, but the 6-bit images were state of the art for the time in which they were developed. As a result, such animation holds a special place in the hearts of many.


Popular during the same time Arcade games were, bingo was another form of fun entertainment. Bingo is sometimes thought of an old game, played exclusively by old people. However this is no longer the case. If you want to play bingo these days, you do not need to find an old, stuffy community center – bingo has had quite an overhaul of image in recent years. Online bingo games are gaining popularity in younger women. One reason this could be is that online bingo tends to come with a great chat feature that lets you communicate with, and chat to other members of the online community. Slots are also popular, but for different reasons, such as their bright animation and happy music. These two features are shared with modern day pinball machines too. However, the pinball machine has a long history and took many years of development and change before it became the pinball machines currently available.

Pinball machines are a classic game, with many bars and dives having had their own pinball machine during the days of its popularity. Pinball is a simple game, that can often be difficult to master –requiring patience, skill, and nerves of steel! In the late 1700s the spring launcher was invented in France. This gave way to what we could call the very first version pinball machine. It was called Bagatelle, and was created with inspiration from Billiards, a very popular indoor game at the time.


By 1931, the advent of coin operation allowed for monetized versions of Bagatelle to be manufactured. Coinciding with the Great Depression, this early form of pinball was a wonderful, cheap form of entertainment for many. Two years later, in 1933, electrification and active bumpers came onto the scene. This allowed two novel and exciting aspects to be integrated into the pinball machines –making them one step closer to the pinball machines we would recognize. In 1947, flippers were added to the game, thus creating the aspect necessitating some kind of skill in order to excel. In the 1970s electronics and digital displays became common features in pinball machines. In recent decades, bright lights, colors and music have all become staples in modern pinball machines. In addition, many machines have licensing agreements with films to use their characters in a themed pinball machine.

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