NZXT S340 Elite ATX Case Review


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NZXT Internal USB Hub Overview

There are quite a few accessories that come with the Internal USB Hub. Inside, we find an installation guide, an internal USB 2.0 cable, and a four pin Molex to 5V DC power cable. A Velcro strap is included along with a bag of silica gel you can use to prevent fog buildup on your car windshield.


Here is a close look at how the power cable looks like.


The Internal USB Hub allows for an additional three internal USB 2.0 headers and two standard USB 2.0 ports. Its two standard USB ports are good for wireless receivers, wireless Wi-Fi adapters, and bluetooth adapters.


The included four pin Molex to 5V DC power cable can be plugged into the port at the top of the hub.


Like the magnetic cable management puck included with the S340 Elite, the Internal USB Hub is also magnetic. This allows it to stick onto any steel surface inside a computer case.


Now that we have seen the Internal USB Hub, let’s go ahead and take a look at the build.


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