NZXT S340 Elite ATX Case Review


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NZXT S340 Elite Overview

The NZXT S340 Elite is expecting to hit the market at a price of $99.99 (Amazon | Newegg). Inside of the accessory box, we find plenty of mounting screws for the motherboard, storage devices, and the power supply unit. A few zip ties, a SATA extension power cable, and an installation guide are also included. The S340 Elite does come with a magnetic cable management puck for VR and audio headsets.


The front of the S430 Elite has not changed from the original S340. Instead of a glossy finish, the S340 Elite has a matte black finish similar to what is on the S340 Razer edition.


The side panel did change from a standard windowed side panel to a highly reflective tempered glass side panel. It is held in place by four screws near the four corners.


On the rear, there is a pre-installed 120mm exhaust fan, seven motherboard expansion slots, and room to mount a power supply at the bottom. The rear fan mount can support a 120mm radiator with a fan.


The top of the S340 Elite looks identical to its predecessor except for the front panel ports. A 120mm exhaust fan is pre-installed, but the mount does support a 140mm fan as well. Unfortunately, there is no room for a 120/140mm radiator with a fan as there is not enough clearance between the motherboard and the cooling device.


One thing that does stick out from the S340 Elite compared to the original S340 is the power supply dust filter at the bottom of the case. There is room to install a bottom mounted 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive closer towards the front of the case.


Now that we have seen a quick look, let’s go ahead to show more about the features the S340 Elite has to offer.


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