Kworld S25 Earphones Review


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S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones Detailed Features

Now we’ll take a look at some of the detailed features of the S25 Elite Mobile Gaming Earphones.


Here’s a close up of the S25 Earphones. The silicon earbuds with memory foam that come preinstalled, are not the most comfortable earbuds to wear for long periods of time. The memory foam makes them a little bit too stiff in my ear canal to be comfortable.

The markings for right and left channel are hard to see, even with this blown up image. That’s something I would like to see Kworld fix.


Now you can plainly see why the S25 looks like a 9mm cartridge. The silver piece in the center looks just like a primer cap. Beyond the aesthetics, I don’t believe they serve any real purpose.

The braided cord is nice and tough feeling. I don’t feel like an accidental tug now and then is going to break the cord.


Let’s have a look at the volume slider and ultra bass switch. The slider is a bit stiff and hard to manipulate with it’s smooth surface. It needs some ridges to give your thumb some tactile grip.

The ultra bass switch is kind of useless when turned off. It sounds more like a bass by-pass switch when it’s off. I kept it on all the time because it sounded well balanced that way. Also, the switch can get bumped when trying to manipulate the volume slider. To keep my sanity I simply left the volume maxed out and adjusted the volume on whatever device I had them plugged into at the time.


On the reverse side of the volume slider, we have the call button, and the microphone. I found the placement of the call button annoying. It’s directly behind the volume slider. You can imagine how often I hit the button while trying to mess with the slider. Yet another reason I left the volume slider maxed out.

I found the microphone to be a bit weak. I had to speak up when using the S25 Earphones with my cell phone, or hold the mic closer to my mouth to be heard clearly.


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