Tt eSPORTS Ventus R Gaming Mouse Review


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Gaming Mouse Final Thoughts

The Ventus R is a great entry level mouse for the money. It has a comfortable shape, RGB illumination, and an optical sensor that performs well with no acceleration. It may not be something like the PMW3360 optical sensor, but the average gamer cannot tell the difference between these sensors in a blind test. My copy of the Ventus R suffered from a strange lift-off distance issue, but I really hope this was only an issue on my copy. If not, Thermaltake should really start thinking about a firmware update very soon.


Ventus R Conclusion

The Ventus R tracks well with the PMW 3310 optical sensor. I was really hoping Thermaltake would score a home run with this mouse as it had a light weight and comfortable body design with one of the most reliable entry level optical sensors. But unfortunately, the mouse suffered from a really strange lift-off distance problem that caused the mouse cursor to teleport back to its original position when dragging the mouse on the surface and lifting it back to drag it again. The mouse cursor ultimately moved nowhere from its original position when it should had continued moving where it left off.

It may not be the most attractive looking mouse, but the simplicity of the Ventus R gives it a basic and modernize look. The RGB illumination does help in enhancing the appearance. Since it is ambidextrous, the mouse is symmetrical on both sides so there are no extra angles to worry about. The only concern are the side buttons on the left side of the mouse. This could be troublesome for some left handed players.

Even for a cheaper mouse, the Ventus R feels rather sturdy throughout. No sensor rattle is present when shaking the mouse and the body construction is made from a durable plastic. The stiff scroll wheel feels very durable along with its rubber material. It also does not rattle when scrolling up or down, which is a very good thing especially for a mouse at this price. If it did not skip steps while scrolling, this would have been the best scroll wheel at this price range.

The Ventus R does well when it comes to functionality. It tracks well, looks good on a desk, and is built surprisingly well for a mouse in this price range. Aside from the performance issues, the software works well but it could use some minor improvements.

As of October 2016, the Tt eSPORTS Ventus R gaming mouse is expecting to hit the market at a price of $34.99. This puts it next to the Cooler Master Xornet II, Gigabyte XM300, and the Steel Series Rival 100 gaming mice. The ventilation system is good to have, and the performance to the PMW3310 is similar to the PMW3988 optical sensor in the slightly more expensive XM300. Although the Xornet II is slightly cheaper than the Ventus R, its Avago 3320 optical sensor shows noticeable acceleration compared to the PMW3310. But in the end, the choice is really up to you to decide which mice you want to purchase.

Pros: Benchmark Reviews Recommended Product Award Logo (Small)

+ Great build quality
+ Built-in ventilation system
+ Good RGB color accuracy
+ Inexpensive mousing product
+ Excellent entry level PMW3310 optical sensor


– No dedicated DPI toggle switch
– Software needs minor improvements
– Lift-off distance issues (although this may just be my copy)


  • Performance: 8.00
  • Appearance: 9.25
  • Construction: 8.75
  • Functionality: 7.50
  • Value: 9.00

Final Score: 8.50 out of 10.

Recommended: Benchmark Reviews Seal of Approval.



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  1. kzinti1

    “But in the end, the choice is really up to you to decide which mice you want to purchase.”
    I’ve never had a reviewer give me this choice before now.
    Nor, any reason to.

    1. Meng Vang

      Different people expect different things out from a gaming mice, so my personal preference may be different from yours. I don’t want to push someone into buying a specific product unless it meets their needs. If the product suits your needs, then great. If it doesn’t, you have other options to choose from.

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