Tt eSPORTS Ventus R Gaming Mouse Review


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Tt eSPORTS Ventus R: Detailed Features

Taking a look at the top of the mouse, we can see the standard left and right buttons along with a rubberized scroll wheel. A dedicated DPI toggle button is not present. Both the left and right click buttons have OMRON switches, which are rated at 20 million clicks. The Aerodynamic Engineered Air-through Ventilation System is located towards the rear of the mouse. Underneath that is the Tt eSPORTS dragon logo, which is RGB capable and illuminates when there is power to the mouse.


Two Teflon glide pads are located at the bottom of the mouse. A weight system is not present and the PMW3310 optical sensor is located in the center of the mouse.


The left side of the Ventus R includes two buttons for forward and backward controls. There is a plastic grip surface for gripping the mouse as well.


The opposite side of the Ventus R is plain with only the grip surface and no side buttons.


The braided USB cable attaches to the center of the mouse. The scroll wheel is RGB capable and will illuminate when there is power to the mouse.


The palm rest of the Ventus R maintains a smooth surface to accommodate the shape of the hand. The ambidextrous design leaves out the thumb and ring finger rest making it suitable for left and right handed users.


The Ventus R has a non-braided 1.8 meter USB 2.0 cable. It also has the Tt eSPORTS dragon logo to indicate which cable belongs to the mouse.


The Tt eSPORTS dragon logo sits underneath the ventilation holes. The ventilation holes are in a honeycomb design while two air gaps on the sides allow air to passively enter the ventilation system.


Let’s take a look at the Ventus R gaming software in the next section.


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  1. kzinti1

    “But in the end, the choice is really up to you to decide which mice you want to purchase.”
    I’ve never had a reviewer give me this choice before now.
    Nor, any reason to.

    1. Meng Vang

      Different people expect different things out from a gaming mice, so my personal preference may be different from yours. I don’t want to push someone into buying a specific product unless it meets their needs. If the product suits your needs, then great. If it doesn’t, you have other options to choose from.

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