Jabra ECLIPSE Wireless Headset Review

Jabra ECLIPSE Wireless Headset Review

One of the things i hate while driving is to see other people using one hand to drive their cars or bikes and the other to answer and hold their smartphones close to their ears. As a matter of fact I’ve lost count of the how many times i had to evade cars and bikes coming right towards me just because the driver was paying more attention to his/her call and not what was happening around. Of course as many of you are aware the law in most countries forbids use of smartphones while driving and strictly dictates that people need to use hands-free devices such as wireless Bluetooth headsets to avoid getting distracted. Such headsets may not have improved enormously over the past few years but they’ve become smaller while at the same time retaining all their features and audio quality. The ECLIPSE by Jabra is their latest entry in the hands-free wireless headset and it will be the subject of today’s review… at NikKTech

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