Kingston Action Camera microSD Card Review


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Closer Look: Kingston SDCAC microSD

The form factor of a microSD card is tiny: think the size of your baby finger nail, so it is initially difficult to identify any features of this card that would qualify it as a rugged device. The card is rigid and the edges appear to be sealed and beveled, which is a step up from the stamped out edges of unsealed microSD cards.


A fully sealed card would be expected as Kingston specifies the SDCAC card as being waterproof at up to one meter depth for 30 minutes.


The Kingston SDCAC microSD card is also specified as being shock proof and x-ray proof, which should add to your confidence in the integrity of the images and data stored on this card. Add an operating range from  -25C to 85C and the microSD card in your rig can be quickly eliminated as a potential target of environmental damage.


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    So do they even have any cards out that are capable of 60fps 4K.?

  2. Aidan Moore


    Thanks for your comment. It depends on the 4K recording codec used by the camera.

    The Kingston card is rated for 45MB per second which is fast enough for 4K60 on a GoPro. In fact, cards rated for V3 (30MBs) will work at 4K60 with consumer grade cameras.

    The Blackmagic speed dial in the article shows performance based on a range of professional 4K codecs which require much higher write speeds.

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