Intel Core i5-4430 CPU LGA1150 Haswell Processor Review


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HD4600: DX11 performance

I investigated the performance of the new HD4600 integrated GPU in my original Core i7-4770K review. My conclusion: much better, but still no match for even the cheapest discrete graphics card. Since the Core i7-4770K and Core i5-4430 have the same iGPU, with the only difference being that the maximum clock speed of the former is slightly higher (1250MHz vs. 1100MHz), I thought it would be interesting to compare their performance. Let’s start with Unigine Heaven:

Heaven 3.0 settings: 1680×1050, moderate tessellation, medium shaders, no anti-aliasing, and 4x anisotropic filtering


The 4430 gives up only about 9% to the 4770K. Moving on to Aliens vs. Predator:

AvP Settings: 1680×1050, medium textures, low shadows, advanced shadows off, SSAO off, no anti-aliasing, 8x anisotropic filtering


Here, the difference is even smaller: the 4430 is only about 6% slower than the 4770K.

Last, let’s take a look at 3DMark 11‘s GT1 through GT4 tests. These tests render underwater and jungle scenes with tessellation and multiple light sources, with distance blur and other features added with post-processing passes. For these tests I selected the “Performance” presets and set the resolution to 1680×1050.

intel_corei5_4430_3dmark11 gt1gt2

The GT1 and GT2 render underwater scenes with lots of cloudy water, moving submarines with light sources, and large structures seen murkily through the haze. The 4430 give up 12.5% in GT1 and 13.5% in GT2.

intel_corei5_4430_3dmark11 gt3gt4

Again, we see that the 4430 is nipping at the heels of the 4770K.

Last, let’s take a look at the Lost Planet benchmark.


And the 4430 turns in exactly the same performance as the twice-as-costly 4770K. I guess they really are using the same iGPU.

But nobody would actually play any of these games with the iGPU. They’d use a real video card. Let’s consider this in the next section…


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