Thermaltake Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit Review

Thermaltake Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit Review

One of the first things you will read online when you start looking about water cooling kits and custom loops (also possibly what people will tell you if you ask around) will be that they require a good amount of time to install/mount and that they cost quite a bit which is why many manufacturers (and people) still consider them part of the more “niche” market aimed at overclockers, professionals and enthusiasts. Well if you’ve been following our reviews then you know that things have changed a lot in the past 5 years and so although back then there were just a handful of manufacturers that offered custom water cooling kits today there are twice as many and since competition always favors the end consumer it’s a lot more affordable today for someone to build his very own custom loop. Thermaltake has been in the cooling industry for as long as i can remember but it was just last year that they started unveiling their very own water cooling kits and today we’ll be taking a look at the Pacific RL240 model… at NikKTech

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