ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse Review


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ASUS ROG Armoury

The interface of the ASUS ROG Amoury software is very easy to navigate through. The ROG Spatha supports up to five separate profiles, each with their own settings. Switching profiles can be done by pressing the DPI switch button and a corresponding side button at the same time.

Under the Buttons section, you can assign a mouse, keyboard, or macro function to any key. Before assigning anything to the left click button, the program will notify you that another button must be assigned to the left click. You can select which buttons you want to remap by selecting Top View or Side View near the bottom of the window. Clicking the save button will save the profile settings into the mouse memory.ASUS ROG Spatha Software Mouse Buttons

Under Performance, you can customize the DPI sensitivity, adjust angle snapping, acceleration and deceleration, polling rate, and button response time. You can also customize the X and Y sensitivity as well. The ROG Spatha supports a polling rate of 2000 Hz in wired mode and 1000 Hz in wireless mode. In case you do not know what polling rate is, polling rate is the number of times the mouse or keyboard communicates to the computer every second. Because this mouse supports a poling rate of 2000 Hz in wired mode, the mouse communicates with the computer 2000 times a second.

ASUS ROG Spatha Software Mouse Performance

You can customize lighting effects under the Lighting section. You can select any color effect and any color for the rear logo, scroll wheel, and side buttons. There are several lighting options to choose from, including static, color cycling, trigger, breathing, random, and battery mode. You can also adjust the brightness level for wired or wireless mode. Having this option is beneficial in wireless mode as it can help save battery power. Of course, you may choose to sync all three lighting zones together, or have each of them take off with their own separate lighting effects.

ASUS ROG Spatha Software Mouse Lighting

The calibration section includes options for adjusting lift-off distrance. Here you can manually set the lift-off distance of the mouse from low to high, or you can select from a few of their presets. These presets include the ASUS Whetstone, ASUS Sheath, a cloth mousepad, a plastic mousepad, a glass mousepad, a metal mousepad, and a wood skin textured surface.

ASUS ROG Spatha Software Mouse Calibration

The Power section manages the battery power. The current battery level of the mouse is displayed here. There are a few power saving settings you may set, which include sleep mode settings and low battery indications. When the mouse battery is low, all LED’s would turn off on the mouse and only the scroll wheel would blink red. The LED on the charging station will also turn red to indicate a low battery on the mouse.

ASUS ROG Spatha Software Mouse Power

In the Macro tab, you can record and edit macro functions. You can record mouse and keyboard keys and edit them once recording is complete. Multiple macros may be recorded and assigned to any button on the mouse, but the mouse must have a button assigned to left click.

ASUS ROG Spatha Software Macro

In the next section, we will take a look at how the ROG Spatha performs.


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