GAMDIAS Hephaestus v2 Gaming Headset Review


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Hephaestus v2 Headset Overview

The body of the Hephaestus v2 is made from quality plastic that doesn’t collects noticeable marks or dust during use. I think it should stand up to repeated and long-term use over time very well. HephaestusIIFullView

The headband and ear cups are covered in a layer of vinyl. Both are very comfortable and stand up well to extended use without causing perspiration or chaffing. An omnidirectional microphone with noise cancelling is included. We’ll get into it’s actual performance later, but for now its worth noting the microphone can be easily adjusted to any height and is placed for optimal voice pickup.


GAMDIAS states that the Hephaestus v2 features a “Flat-foldable design to fit the lean space of laptop carrying bag,” as shown above. As demonstrated below, it can in fact by stored in multiple configurations to fit nearly anywhere, making it a perfect travel companion.


This headset fits comfortably for long term wear thanks to the large ear cups and wide headband. One complaint I had with the Eros Elite was it’s weight – the double headband was very heavy and unsuited for long-term wear. Each side is fitted with an extension that allows roughly three centimeters of additional height on each side.


In our next section, we’ll address some of the finer details of the Hephaestus v2 before moving on to testing and performance.


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