Cooler Master MasterBox 5 Case Review


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Cooler Master MasterBox 5 Case Detailed Features

Cooler Master built this case with flexibility in mind, while maintaining budget friendliness. Modularity is the key to this case’s versatility.

Cooler Master MasterBox 5 Front Grill Removed

With the MeshFlow front panel removed, you’ll reveal the pre-installed 120mm fan, as well as the bracket to install more fans. The MasterBox 5 supports up to 2 x 140mm fans in the front or 2/3* x 120mm fans.

*3 x 120mm fans require optional bracket (not included)


The PSU shroud, is easily removed via 1 thumb screw at the back of the case, to reveal what you see above. The shroud is purely for aesthetics and comes down to user preference. You may also notice two square cutouts along the top side of the motherboard just above the CPU cutout. These cutouts help you easily route your CPU power cable around the motherboard tray.


The side window of this case is plastic and is held in place utilizing bent metal tabs. While this could indicate that Cooler Master plans to offer different windows down the road, it unfortunately results in a loose fitting window that rattles very easily. My recommendation for this problem would be to install some rubber u-channel around the window to tighten up the fit to the side panel. If Cooler Master does plan to offer different windows down the line, I wouldn’t recommend changing them too often as the metal for the tabs is thin and would eventually snap. These tabs can be bent in place easily by hand.


Toward the front inside of the case, you’ll see the fan/radiator mounting bracket behind the front bezel. Keep in mind, that HDD cage is re-positional and will accommodate radiators up to 50mm thick (without fan) or as thick as you want if you remove the HDD cage altogether, but you would lose all support of 3.5″ HDDs. The front fan/radiator bracket can accommodate up to a 360mm length radiator if you purchase an additional bracket. It is also worth noting that Cooler Master offers different front panel inserts to allow you to utilize 5.25″ drives if you also purchase 5.25″ drive cages.


As with most of Cooler Master’s cases, the 3.5″ HDD cage utilizes Cooler Master’s tool-less hard drive trays that simply bend around a 3.5″ HDD or screw mount an SSD.

Cooler Master MasterBox 5 Behind Mobo

Behind the motherboard tray, we can see the tie down points, as well as 1 additional SSD mounting location (must use a bracket) just below the CPU cutout. The space behind the motherboard tray is generous, with 25mm behind the motherboard tray and 35mm behind the PSU. Why Cooler Master chose to only allow 1 additional SSD to be mounted is somewhat bizare, as it could have easily accommodate at least two, especially if they ditched the proprietary SSD bracket and just simply cut holes for SSD mounts.


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  1. Parker

    Have you ever seen the *optional fan bracket? I want to buy one but can’t seem to find it.

    1. Jason Vaught

      I recommend contacting Cooler Master at 1-888-624-5099, hopefully they have them in stock and it just wasn’t put on their website.

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