SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse Review


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SteelSeries Rival 700 Overview

The Rival 700 follows the original Rival and its replacement, the Rival 300 (a Rival 100 is a new entry-level model with an adjusted shape in the product stack).  Positioned as the most expensive of the series and 2nd-most expensive mouse in SteelSeries’ lineup, the Rival 700 is without a doubt a flagship offering.  Let’s take a quick look at what sets the Rival 700 apart from the other options.

SteelSeries_Rival700 (4)

The exterior packaging is instantly recognizable as a SteelSeries product.  The bold logotype, red/orange stripe and marketing datapoints ensure the Rival 700 stays consistent with the brand.

SteelSeries_Rival700 (5)

The packaging has a unique touch – it opens at an angle, almost like cracking open an artifact to reveal a treasure within.  Many manufacturers do their best to provide a bit of a premium experience throughout, before even using the device; the Rival 700 is no exception to that rule.

SteelSeries_Rival700 (6)

The Rival 700 is accompanied by the accessory box (which contains the two included cords and the product manual). A quick start guide and a few stickers complete the included items.

SteelSeries_Rival700 (7)

Despite the mouse’s initial appearance sitting in the box, the Rival 700 is not a wireless mouse.  A modular cord system gives a user a choice of a long (2m) braided cord or a shorter (1m) soft PVC coated USB cable.

SteelSeries_Rival700 (8)

The mouse end of the USB cables terminate in a typical Micro-USB A connector; however, it is encased in a 90-degree proprietary housing.  The two black posts should provide some strain relief but good luck finding replacements out of warranty…  At least a “spare” is included, although each cable’s composition provides a distinct feel (and a full meter difference in length) so the experience will be a little different.

SteelSeries_Rival700 (18)

The overall profile of the Rival 700 makes it suitable for both palm and claw type grips.  Those familiar with the original Rival (or Rival 300) will feel at home here, although the 700 is a bit smaller.  Additional accessories – a palm rest cover pack and laser sensor – are available for the Rival 700 from SteelSeries’ online store; neither of those items will change the dimensions or shape of the Rival 700.  Let’s take a closer look at the additional features of this particular mouse on the next page.


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