Tt eSPORTS Ventus Z Gaming Mouse Review


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Tt eSPORTS Ventus Z: Overview

The Ventus Z is currently available online for $59.99 (Amazon | Newegg) and comes in a well-illustrated box. The box has a picture of the product along with its features and specifications listed around it.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Box

Once we flip open the front cover of the box, we can see the mouse under a plastic shield. This lets us try out the mouse just to get an idea of how it fits in the hand. Under the cardboard flap, we can see more details about the 10 programmable buttons and what their functions are. We can also see there is an adjustable weight system to this mouse.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Packaging

As for accessories, we find a quick installation guide, a warranty policy card, and two stickers in black and white. The box does not include the Tt eSPORTS Command Center software. Instead, the Thermaltake website will have the most updated software version for download.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Accessories

Taking it out of the box, we can see there is a smooth matte coating, which is a balance between rigid surfaces and a soft touch finish. This improves durability and prevents the mouse from wearing out after extended hours of gaming. The top buttons do not sit flat against the body of the mouse and are shaped so they can be easily accessed by the player.

Thermaltake Ventus Z Front Alternate

Now that we have seen a quick overview of the Ventus Z, let’s go into more details on what this product has to offer.


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