Phanteks Evolv Tempered Glass Case Review


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Phanteks Evolv Tempered Glass Detailed Features

Phanteks built this case with flexibility in mind, while maintaining a bling factor. Modular function is the key to this case’s versatility.


Phanteks has included an assortment of screws for radiators, HDD/SSDs, and even some extended thumb screws. Unlike most other manufacturers who merely throw these in a bag, Phanteks has them pre-sorted in a plastic organization container, a nice touch. Also included is three modular 3.5″/2.5″ horizontal HDD/SSD mounting brackets, a sound dampened water pump mount, some zip ties and of course the user’s manual. Phanteks did throw in one of their LED extension kits, although this does not appear to come standard for this case and would need to be purchased separately. Phanteks offers two LED extension kits, model numbers PH-LEDKT_M1 (1 meter) and PH-LEDKT_M2 (2 meter).


Pop off the securely held front bezel and you’ll reveal a large, mesh filter that can also be easily popped off for cleaning. In the above photo you will also see the 2 Phanteks 140mm fans that come pre-installed in the system. The front is also slotted to include support for 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiators.


With the tinted tempered glass panel removed on the right side (the case’s right) of the case, you see a blacked out interior featuring rubber grommets and plenty of cable routing options. You’ll also notice a shroud over the bottom of the case forward of the PSU. For some reason, Phanteks decided not to shroud the actual PSU, instead opting to shroud the bottom HDD cage. It is worth noting, that all the holes you see forward of the motherboard are for various reservoir mounting configurations, as well as mounting HDD/SSD brackets at whatever height pleases you most. Phanteks did include something interesting though, on the front of the shroud you’ll notice 4 rubber grommeted screws. These screws are for an optional SSD mounting point, Phanteks item number PH-SDBKT. You can also purchase additional HDD/SSD horizontal mounting brackets if you so desire (PH-HDDKT_01).


With the left side tempered glass removed, you’ll first notice the upside down Phanteks logos on the velcro straps. Ok, maybe that won’t be the first thing you notice, but now that you know it will be the first thing you notice. You’re welcome. Getting back to the left interior, Phanteks has integrated 2 SSD mounting brackets onto the back of the motherboard, two 2 x 3.5″/2.5″ tool-less HDD/SSD slide out cages, as well as a pre-defined channel and path for your cable routing. The integrated velcro straps help to alleviate the need to constantly cut and reattach zip ties should you decide to upgrade or change any cabling within the case in the future.


Here we can see how the horizontal HDD/SSD brackets attach inside the case (on the motherboard side). They would take up position at any height or configuration directly in front of the front fans. Also you’ll notice slots cut into the top of the shroud, at the front, allowing for additional mounting points for a water pump and/or hard drives (creatively).


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