DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 Review


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DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 Performance Results

Since the drive is hardware encrypted, we can decrypt it by entering the password, but we cannot turn off encryption. Nevertheless, the DTVP30AV excels in performance: it is faster than a traditional hard disk drive but slower than some SSDs; running programs off the drive should not be a problem, however faster non encrypted USB 3.0 drives do exist .
kingstonDTVP30_08The speed of the flash drive(above) is decent compared to the ADATA SP500 128GB SSD(below).
If your main drive is a traditional HDD, applications stored on the flash drive may load faster from the DTVP30AV. The graphs below show the speed of the drive when reading and writing a large file:
kingstonDTVP30_12Copying the files from Desktop to the flash drive:


In a VirtualBox Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installation (2 dedicated cores, 3GB RAM), the DTVP30AV was used to store the virtual disk image, in other words, the flash drive was acting as the drive hosting the OS in this virtual setup. The computing experience on this machine was very smooth: Firefox for instance takes a second or two to launch, and office applications such as Libre Office Writer ran near instantaneously. For security reasons(presumably), when the PC is turned off or put to sleep, the drive will “eject” itself, it is therefore necessary to close any application running on the drive beforehand. Otherwise, the experience was not much different from using an SSD to store the VDI. Additionally, there was no real perceivable difference in speed or responsiveness when running portable applications such as Eclipse off the flash drive vs a SSD.


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