808 HEX XS Bluetooth Speaker Review


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Subjective Listening Tests

The listening experience with the 808 HEX XS is excellent. There is a magic volume level that provides clear loud sound with a satisfying bass response that will invite your mom to ask you to turn the music down. The unit seems to want to vibrate off the table with the energy it is pumping out.

With only one button and one LED available to manage the device pairing and power states the 808 HEX XS make use of stored audio samples to indicate what the device is doing. Powering on and off the device cause a distinct two second audio sample to be played, giving the listener a clear audio cue as to the device status. Similarly, pairing makes use of audio samples to indicate whether it has successfully paired or unpaired from a sound source.

Bluetooth reception range is pretty good, with a clean uninterrupted signal still available about 20 feet line of sight from an Android phone music source.

The stated twelve hour battery life specification seems a bit optimistic, with a quiet ambient soundtrack going strong after 8 hours but then cutting out. A more aggressive volume level with bass heavy music started to cut out after about 6 hours, and this probably represents a common use case. A recharging time of 4 hours seems about typical for this type of device.


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  1. raj ind

    I couldnt find sound output anywhere here, should be there value for money, in RMS or PMPO

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