808 HEX XS Bluetooth Speaker Review


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Closer Look: 808 Audio XS

The 808 HEX XS has a small form factor, somewhat reminiscent of a 1960’s AM transistor radio. The model evaluated was a fluorescent blue in color, but the 808 HEX SX is available in Gold/White and Black as well.

After removing the outer packaging, you are greeted with a printed message on the product box to “ Unleash Your Inner DJ”, which sounds just about right, as the 808 HEX XS speakers are way too small to release any kind of outer DJ.

The controls on the 808 HEX XS are minimalist, with a large blue button on the top managing all the power and pairing operations. There are no volume, balance or tone controls on the device; all that is managed at the other end of the Bluetooth link.


Included with the 808 HEX XS is a quick start guide and a set of cables for USB power and external audio input. These cables are a welcome addition at this price point, as these cables can cost $5.00 each if you have to run out and purchase them at your local hardware store.

The external audio input and charging jack are on the same side of the unit as the charging light, making the connections to the device easily manageable when these connectors are in use.


The finish of the unit is high gloss which will attract fingerprints easily, but fortunately you can wipe clean the device with a dry tissue.

The bottom of the unit has a description of the FCC compliance and Bluetooth IC traceability, and this information is nicely imprinted into a thin silicon membrane that acts as an anti-skid stabilizer for tabletop use.


The quick-start guide suggests recharging the unit before first use. The micro USB port is used for recharging, and after a few hours hooked up to a wall wart (not included), the red charging light on the side turns off to indicate a full charge. You can also easily charge the unit from a PC USB port.

Back to that big blue button again to initiate pairing of the device. The process is very simple, with a rapid flashing light indicating the device is ready to pair after the 808 HEX XS plays a rushing audio indicator to indicate the unit has powered on. Then just find the device in your music source Bluetooth list and connect.

Once paired, the 808 HEX XS again plays an audio sample and will remember the device it has just paired to. After a power cycle , the 808 HEX XS  will wait to connect to the previously paired device once powered on. If you want to pair to another device, just quickly tap the power button twice and the unit goes back into pairing mode.


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  1. raj ind

    I couldnt find sound output anywhere here, should be there value for money, in RMS or PMPO

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