Phiaton BT 110 Bluetooth Headset Review


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Closer Look

2016 has seen new cutting technologies such as AR and VR, playback of Hi-Fi audip still is not widely supported on hand-held devices (dedicated music players excluded), although some manufacturers such as HTC always place great emphasis on a quality mobile listening experience. The Phiaton BT 110 wireless headset is designed for this.


Over time, many high-end devices came to allow native decoding of high bit rate audio files, although in many cases not including hardware good enough fully enjoy them. Enter aptX a wireless codec developed by CSR (now owned by Qualcomm) that allows lossless playback of audio files over the Bluetooth network.

To make proper of use aptX, it must be supported on both the transmitting and receiving devices. Additionally the audio source should support playback of FLAC files; The latest high-end and mid-range Qulacomm mobile processors support the format, but the low end offering does not. It is unlikely to see aptX offered on a budget device anyhow. On the other hand, no Apple device has shipped with support for aptX, nor FLAC; Apple’s own ALAC format is supported instead.

The Phiaton BT 110 combines hands-free, and stereo capability in an elegant, and perhaps slightly bulky design. The casing exhibits a brushed metal look, but is assuredly plastic. The BT 110 is currently available online for $88.00 (Amazon).

Many different sized earbuds, and stabilizing attachments are included in the box, along with a nifty case that seals contents inside using strong magnets.

No braiding on the cable, but it does feature a ribbed texture that seems to be resistant to tangles and knots.

The inline control module is a bit too close to the left earphone, and is not visible during operation. This seems to be a consequence of the headset being designed to facilitate use with the cord positioned either in front or behind the head.
One BT 110, the micro USB port is hidden within a waterproof chamber. Next we look at test results…


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