SteelSeries Siberia 350 Headset Review


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SteelSeries Siberia 350 Overview

The Siberia 350 looks similar to the Siberias of the past – it’s a dead ringer for the Siberia v3 Prism, in fact. Let’s dig in and see what this new version has to offer.

SteelSeries_Siberia350 (1)

The box hides the actual headset from view – the only glimpse you’ll see of the Siberia 350 before you open the package is the product photos on the box.

SteelSeries_Siberia350 (2)

Thankfully, the main details are accurately depicted through the features listed on the box (front and back). Unlike many other peripherals, I’ve yet to see a headset box allow for any sort of “try before you buy” – these are the details you’ll want to know before purchasing, and SteelSeries does a good job of highlighting each feature of the Siberia 350 despite not being able to see the headset itself before you open the box.

SteelSeries_Siberia350 (3)

The headset itself is secured in a plastic formed insert – it looks like this particular insert does double duty for other SteelSeries headset models, as there are pockets for items not included with this headset (no, you haven’t lost anything). A small manual and some warranty information (and stickers!) are the only items included with the Siberia 350.

SteelSeries_Siberia350 (4)

Overall, the headset seems to be well-protected, and should make its way to you without incident.

SteelSeries_Siberia350 (12)

The design of the suspension headband, brought forward from previous Siberias, means the 350 will comfortably fit a wide range of head shapes, big or small. I’m not sure how they managed it, but the “clamping” force seems to be perfect – not so loose that they’re in danger of falling off, but not so tight that they’ll be uncomfortable.

SteelSeries_Siberia350 (16)

A retractable microphone and mute switch (located on the left earcup) allow for easy communication – the microphone slides easily in and out, and doesn’t initially feel like it will cause any problems mechanically with extended use.


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